In this project the client, LivePerson needed custom checkout solutions that other technologies were not able to provide. Our team created a number of new checkout experiences, which allowed for the extensive provisioning and on-boarding requirements provided by LivePerson.

The requirements grew from checkout experiences to displaying user information, and other tools such as paying invoices, free trials and back-end implementations of customizing orders.

Eye of Ender

Eye of Ender is a 'top servers' list website for the popular game Minecraft. The client wanted a way to list servers, ranked by votes and filtered by server status (among many other custom filters available for the end-user) to show the top performing Minecraft servers that signed up. The site featured premium server spots as paid advertising.

I built the initial site and have since moved to a Team Lead / Architecting role.


In this project the client, PlayMC wanted to build something outside the realm of Web Development. PlayMC was a Minecraft server who hosted at times up to a hundred players consistently. Among some general mini-games, the biggest part of development was creating a custom game type called Wave Fighter. Wave Fighter was a standalone team fighting game that resembled mechanics from Call of Duty: Zombies.